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Bam! A stone chip - and now?

A stone chip repair. But beware - the following everyday procedures might have an unintended negative impact on the result:

>   Finger prints and dirt in and around the repair spot prevent the 
     adhesion of resin on the spot of damage.
>   The use of conventional cleaners may contaminate the
     damaged area. Most of them contain surfactants, silicones or
>   Glass dust after opening the stone chip can prevent the resin
     from distributing into the capillaries of the damaged area.
The solution:
Prep & Clean (Art.  No. 13345102) for an optimized stone chip repair. The spray is used for pre- and post-treatment as well as for cleaning all repair tools.

Your team at PMA/TOOLS
Surface free from grease

Prep & Clean removes grease and dirt without leaving any residues.
Clean stone chip
By using Prep & Clean glass dust is easily flushed out from the spot without inserting humidity.
Secure hold
The professionally cleaned glass surface is perfectly prepared to hold the repair bridge in a fixed and secure position.
Optimal adhesion

The special formula of Prep & Clean provides best conditions for the adhesion of the UV resin to the repair spot.
Easy removal of resin flakes

By moistening the flakes with the fine spray jet of Prep & Clean the flakes lose their static charge and can be removed easier from the glass surface.
Effective cleaning of all repair tools
Contaminations, such as uncured resin, are removed reliably from all surfaces.
Clear vision
Prep & Clean cleans the glass surface free from streaks and smears.
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